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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How to Make Use of Tender Alert Services?


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One of the most valuable tools a company can count on is "The Information" . Being promptly informed of the possible business offers that the various administrations call daily, is a weapon that will certainly allow them to get ahead of their competitors. The Electronic Notification Service allows any natural or legal person to receive administrative notifications electronically and quickly.
What is required to receive Tender Alert?
·         Have an email address (in case of obligatory users).
·         Identify by means of an electronic signature certificate or electronic identification medium. An electronic certificate allows to confirm, electronically, that of a person, physical or legal, on the Internet as well as to sign, with full security, electronic documents .
The electronic notification replaces the notifications by postal mail. We recommend that you access frequently to your email account that you have registered, where you will receive notices from the Tenderalert.in , where you will be informed of the availability of notification.
Every time an electronic notification is made available, an informative email will be sent to the indicated email address. This email is for informational purposes only.
We recommend that you check whether your equipment meets the minimum requirements for the use of the service.

How does MP tender alert works?
·         The Notification is sent and stored in the recipient's mailbox, which will receive the corresponding notification by email and / or SMS text message.
·         The recipient must access his mailbox (Electronic Unique Address) using his digital certificate.
·         Once the alert has been read, it can accept or reject the notification, thus ending the process that the notification entails.
What advantages does it have?
  1. Security: Total guarantee of security, confidentiality, privacy and legal security.
  2. Comfort : Saves time and flexibility of access.
  3. Ease : Access through the Internet. An email is received with each notification notice.
  4. Accessibility : Available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  5. Closeness : No movement or waiting
  6. Saving: Suppresses the printing, enveloping and manipulated of the notification.
  7. Sustainability : No paper and no emissions. There are no prints or scrolls.
If you want to receive a daily alert about public tenders published in the Tenderalert.in , you must be registered and log in to our tender alert services. You will receive all the alerts, adjusted to the activity and area of action of your organization, the same day they are published, because sometimes the deadlines are very important. You will also have exclusive access to our Tender Finder - Tenders, without limitation of activities or geographical areas.


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