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Thursday, 27 April 2017

How E-tender is used in the Tendering system?

Traditional tender processes are difficult and long. Manual processes are not efficient and take a long time in execution. The conventional tender system is expensive for both buyer and supplier companies. Electronic Tendering System is tailored with many advantages over the conventional one with the feature like e-tender alert, quick online tender bidding and much more. After the Digital India movement in India, almost all the states are accepting or implementing conventional processes to the digital one. Proceeding to the movement, Madhya Pradesh has also implemented its governance to e-governance. Tendering processes also now converted to electronic one in MP, so that the E-tendering alert in MP is also available a few clicks away.

 Now the question arises, how E-tender is used? The answer is here –
The process started from the tender creation.  The creator checks for the category and created tender. During the creation of this tender, creator specifies basic information and role. The creator also can choose some specified supplier for bidding on the particular tender.
Then it goes to the tender owner, where the owner fills the tender content. In this process, owner uploads Documents and adds tender items. This content is approved by a tender manager.
After filling the content, owner publishes RFI. In this process, the tender owner selects suppliers for RFI publishing and publishes RFI to suppliers.
This RFI then submitted to the supplier which is sent by email alert. Supplier checks the information and views tender information accept an invitation and prepare and submit RFI. Submitted RFI is then checked by tender owner and published to selected suppliers.
This published information is provided by tender alert services where the tender bidding process begin. Supplier check the tender notification, view submitted tender status and then bid is prepared as per that. In bid preparation process, supplier first downloads the tender document and fills the bid details.
After closing date, the tender manager assigns all the bids to a tender analyst. The tender analyst then analyzes the bids. In tender analysis process, tender analyst study the supplier historical performance score sheet, study supplier submitted RFI and compare submission prices. In price comparison, analyst views specific supplier historical submission prices, view historical submission prices from any supplier and then view last award price & date. 
After analyzing bids, tender analyst started price negotiation and price adjustment. In price adjustment, item price has been adjusted and a discount is applied.
After this whole process, tender award process is started. Tender analyst, recommend supplier and then tender manager award the tender.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Benefits of revolutionary e-tendering system

A comprehensive e-infrastructure is proposed to be used by all Agencies, Departments, and Corporations for processing of the Tenders online. This process is carrying out the basic process of tendering into the electronic form to make the whole system quick and efficient. The usage of electronic medium has been increased in the government sector and converting from governance to e-governance.
Think about the whole procurement process with saving time and environment. Every system has to be pace with the speed that the world in going through. So it has to be with the tendering process. E-procurement makes the electronic tendering completely automated. Automation is a key to efficiency in the entire system. The entire world is now shifting towards small screen world, where the process is a few clicks or we can say touch away.

By the use of internet and by converting the traditional procurement into e-procurement cycle has made this process environment-friendly. The e-governance concepts made it economical by Traveling cost, minimizing the use of papers, removing dependence on banks, couriers, Newspapers, etc. E- Tendering uses minimal storage space.

Technology is bringing the transparency in governance. Transparency is also increased by following the internet version of tender and procurement. This transparency in work ensures the highest level of security which is governed by digital security features. Possessing of a legally valid digital certificate is required to interact with the e-Procurement portal for the vendors. This digital certificate offered by licensed Certifying Authority. In the method of e-tendering, activities can be passed out from anywhere and any computer. The bids are submitted digitally with Digital Signatures.

Contractors can anytime & anywhere participate in bidding and submit offers online in e-Tenders directly from the website. This reduces efforts and cost of bidding. Traditional method or tendering was prone to human errors and it was sometimes the cause the fail to win a tender. The digitization in the system has minimized human errors and increased the chances of winning any tender of suppliers the interest.
No tender is going to miss out because of the tender alert services. Many websites offer e-tender alert services to make Supplier Company or organization aware about newly generated tender. The payment gateway is also digital so that security money can be deposited electronically from anywhere and anytime. It reduces the dependency on Bank and decreased the time consumed in the process.

The best element of the e-tendering system is that delayed bids after due date & time are not permitted. In the case of a traditional tendering system, especially in the country like India, last minute hustle is 100% sure.
Online E-tender system is a revolutionary step to strengthened the complete process and removing any kind of error and fraud. The high use of an electronic medium in tendering process will ensure the low rate of corruption and increase the trust towards the online electronic tender.
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Type of Digital Signature Certificate

A Digital Signature Certificate built up the character of sender while recording or sending reports electronically through the web .similar to how a written by hand signature sets up the identity and additionally assent of the endorser in a paper archive, Digital Signature Certificate sets up the identity or potentially of the underwriter in an electronic record. Adding a Digital Signature to an electronic report additionally guarantee that no data in the archive can be modified or altered once it has signed digitally. There are three classes of DSC TOKENS and each class is utilized for different reason.

Class 1 DSC

Class 1 Digital Signature Certificate is utilized for checking the relationship of an email address with a man. It is not utilized for approving and record and hence holds no lawful legitimacy in marking of archives.

Class 2 DSC

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is utilized to check the personality of a man against a pre-confirmed database. this type of Digital Signature Certificate is utilized for e-filing of documents with the MINISTRY OF CORPORATION AFFAIRS(MCA) and the income tax Depaertment.class 2 DSC are issued to a man as a USB token after verifying self-confirmed documents and address the evidence. It is class 2 DSC TOKENS that are utilized for organization registration, LLP registration, IT return Filing, MCA returns documenting AND IE code enrollment.

Class 3 DSC

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is the most secure type of advanced signature authentications are utilized to set up the personality of the underwriter in internet business and e-tendering.for Instance, a considerable lot of the online e-tender require sell off participants to participate in the offering utilizing a class 3 computerized signature to build up their acknowledgment of the offer electronically. Class 3 DSC can likewise be utilized for trademark registration. Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is issued simply after the enlisting expert checks the character of the candidate.
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Friday, 7 April 2017

Tender Management and Tender Information Company

Tendering is very hectic and tedious process in the traditional way, but now E-tendering has lower down the hassle and offered efficiently. Tending is one of the well known processes to get the best services at the best prices and this is adapted all over the world. India is also one of them where governments and organizations ask to fill and submit tender from the service provider or provider of any product at a very good price. Now E-tendering has taken its place and now this process is no more time consuming and tedious. Many Tender Information Companies offer tender alert in India to make the seller aware of the new generated tender for bid.
How Tender Management starts?
The tender starts when a suitable ITT has been recognized. The ITT or Invitation To Tender is a official document that is issued by a buying organization in order to inform other companies that bids for a section of job, project or service is necessary.
There is always a set limit that the tenders must be arrived by and this crafts bid management very time reliant. It all adds to the stress of the entire process.

The Inclusion of tender management Process offer analysis of the constraints within the Invitation To Tender. Tender management Process provides creating a solution that meets these requirements. It manages the employees that will write the offer. It develops a convincing offer that will meet the necessities and be prominent from other bids. It produces a pricing structure that will succeed the bid as well as generate revenue by the end of the project. It Minimize risk & maximizing the contact of the tender. It helps to sticking to fixed deadlines.
Tenders Are Not that Standardized
There is regular bid management processes offered to manage these activities and one published bid methodology. There are also some automated systems that will run the workflow of a tender contract management process but bid management is nowhere as created as project management. This encounters proposal writers with the past of preferred winning. A tender o writer manages possibility very well and is always prepared and able to manage employees within a very well charged environment.

Tender Agreements Framework
Such is the recognition of tendering that systems of agreement tenders are now being offered. This is where an organization tenders to obtain an agreement structure that then supplied them with the chance to tender for future job with the company.
These framework agreements are especially popular with governmental tenders and large organizations and are often found in IT and staffing. The structure and process is same for low level or high level tenders. The cleaning services tender process will be same as the million rupees machine system.
They begin with the Invitation to Tender request for bids and end up with a bargained contract. A decent bid manager knows how to deal with the process, whilst juggling staff, burden of information, hunting down missing information and organization time frames.
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