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Saturday, 25 July 2015

E-Tendering - Best Way to Prevent Corruption in Tendering


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We all know how much have changed in this decade so far in terms of technology. The modern technology has come with great facilities for all kind of services; “Tendering” is one of them. Tendering process has been changing rapidly around the globe to become more convenient and transparent. The new form of Tendering is “E-Tendering” or “Online Tendering”.

We all know the larger scale of corruption and fraud in the traditional tendering process in every level. Tendering was and still considered one of the most corrupt sectors. With emergence of E-tendering all of this misuse has been rectified and transparency and convenience for both the seller and buyers is promoted. Most nations are now widely using E-Procurement service for every sector. Countries like India, still struggling for establishing this secure form of E-Tendering, but the condition is now very much change as many govt. departments of India made “online tendering “compulsory and many departments has plan to make this mandatory very soon.

Online Tendering has many positive and user friendly features for both the sellers and buyers. It has some great features like it can be accessed from everywhere according to the convenience of person. The other important features are like easy information access, great reach ability, minimum procession cost, transparency, and many others.

Internet has become a major driving force for E-Tendering. Online tendering has many advantages like the “a greater transparency”. The bidding process has become more users friendly thus chances of any misuse are reduced. It is a time saving method as the process is easily managed and things are done in very small amount of time as compared to traditional tendering process.

We all know of the disproportions and corruption involving tenders which have escalated to such proportions that works are already being dispersed among the delegated quarters even before calling for bids. Such kind of corruption in the process will also drive the foreign investors away.

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