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Friday, 3 April 2015

E-tendering and Digital signature certificate requirement


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If you see Most of the State and central government has switched to e-tendering system from the traditional paper based closed tender system. This not only cuts paper work, delay but also brings in transparency in the system of choosing preferred service providers.

This provides opportunity to apply for tenders irrespective of the location where one stay.
Tendering is a process of carrying out entire Tendering Cycle Online including submission of Price Bid such that Efficiency, Economy, Speed of Internet can be harnessed.. Benefits of E-tendering: •Completely Automated Process
•Shortens Procurement Cycle
•Economical and Environment Friendly
•Greater Transparency
•Improvement in work culture in the departments
•System aided Evaluation process
•On the fly reports/comparatives statement
•Minimize Human errors
•Minimal Storage Spaces

DSC Illustration

Digital Certificate is your Internet Passport. Digital Certificate come with 1 / 2 Years validity and can be procured easily, in less than 8 Hours. It is Highly Secure, used at various military installations across the world to secure Data. The data of Digital Signature encrypted with public key, and can only be decoded by corresponding private key. There for it is considered to be safe and secure in all level.

There are 7 licensed Certifying Agency (CA)  in India and they are:-  Safescrypt, NIC, IDRBT, TCS, MTNL, Customs & Central Excise, (n)Code Solutions CA

The following Indian acts describe the rules for obtaining the digital signatures and uses of it.
1. E Commerce Activities – IT ACT 2000

    Any document which is digitally signed, by digital certificate issued by a licensed Certifying Agency (CA) who is approved by Controller of Certifying Agency (CCA) will be considered as a valid document in the court of law.

2. E Procurement – CVC Guidelines
    E Procurement is allowed as per the guidelines of CVC order no. 46/9/03 provided the E Procurement is done in a fair and transparent fashion & IT Act 2000 is complied.

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