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Friday, 27 February 2015

E-Tendering System - The Finest Way to Grab Beneficial Business Opportunities.


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Tendering process is the finest way to grab beneficial business opportunities. State and local government in India, indicates their enthusiasm for the tendering process by publishing new tenders everyday. This enthusiasm is not only shown by Government sectors but by Private sectors as well.

A major part of Indian Tenders belongs to Mining and Construction Tenders. India is also counted as leading supplier of coal and mineral elements across the world. Thus contribution of mining and construction industries in economy of country is obligatory.

How E-Tendering Solutions playing a vital role?
Old paper based tendering system are no more in fashion; it was difficult to manage them, and also chances of losing some important database. Manual tender processes are found to be long and cumbersome, that is costly for both buyer and supplier organisations. Now, e-tendering solutions have step into the market that are widely accepted and appreciated. These solutions are Bringing buyers and Suppliers together at one online tendering portal. These systems work online and allow users to go through each phase of tendering process without stepping out of their homes. E-tendering is a relatively simple technical system which caters secure e-mail and e-document management.
Here you may find startling attributes of e-tendering Systems:
1. Highly Secure electronic communication
2. Information and details about tenders published
3. Users are authorized to bid online
4. Let you aware of any new tender publishing, upcoming tenders etc. along with their opening and closing date
5. Let you interface with other users
6. Audit trail
7. Management information & reporting
8. Low procurement cost in comparison to manual tendering process
Today almost all Indian Tender process is run by these online portals.
How to contract a successful Service Agreement using e-tendering solution?
Above we already have discussed about features of online tendering solution, now here are steps to make a successful Service Agreements. A number of website is offering today to bid online. What you need to do is to get registered with them. After that you become enabling to access, search, post and bid for tenders. These service provider companies have team of professionals who keep their eye set on all tenders release, opening & closing date, upcoming tenders etc. They inform you if find a contract meeting with your requirement via emails and notifications. Some also helps you in finding a perfect vendor that helps you in getting a successful business contract. You can also interface with registered users. All these things make you grabbing instant Indian tender opportunities.
From finding new Mining and Construction Tenders to bid on, to finding a vendor, and getting competitive quotes from experts to delivering your bid, you can do it all from a single user-friendly website.
What makes a quality bid?
Various factors can be determined for the winning and losing a tender. But you need to do the things carefully and in a better way to increase your chances of winning service agreement. Here are few must follow things for quality bidding:
1. Quality of writing
2. A thorough response to the requirements
3. Good presentation

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